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Infused with innate anti-aging and free radical fighting properties, elderberries keep your skin radiant for longer periods. Furthermore, they also act as a natural detoxifying agent and help prevent distressing skin conditions like breakouts, boils, and scars.
The anthocyanins in elderberries (the compounds that give them their characteristic red color) were found to give a natural boost to your skin’s health. This compound also protects against skin damage (10). In fact, distilled elderberry flower water is known to restore skin health and lighten the freckles

Refreshening facial treatment with elder ’30
instead of HUF 8 900,– for HUF 6 900,–

Elder bodypeeling ’30
instead of HUF 7 900,– Ft for HUF 5 900,–

Permanent Contour® Slim Line treatment ’50
for toned legs
This treatment smoothes the skin and reduces the legs´ circumference and steams the problem areas – for a slim silhouette and a great appearance. Perfect, before you go out in the evening. Heat promotes blood flow and loosens the tissue. Steam opens the pores and accelerates the intake of nourishing oils and natural herbal ingredients. The gentle massage also loosens tense muscles.

instead of HUF 12 900,– for HUF 10 900,–

Medical back massage & refreshening footmassage ’50
instead of HUF 13 900,– for HUF 10 900,–

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