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Spa and cure treatments

Regenerate, relax with us!

Wellness treatments

At our Wellness department we pamper our guests, who want to relax, with traditional and exotic massages.

Beauty treatment

At the Beauty department are waited the guests with Germaine de Capuccini, Bodylizer cosmetic treatments, hairdresser, manicure and pampering spa services.

Health treatment

The health treatments can be taken only after a examination with specialist rheumatologist!

    • massage

      Medical massage 25' HUF 6 900
      Medical massage 50' HUF 9 500
      Lymphatic massage 50'
      The fine manual massage technique applied to the connective tissue during the treatment facilitates the lymph circulation without intensifying its production. Recommended in case of oedemas and after surgery.
      HUF 11 900
      Underwater jet massage
      During this hydrotherapeutic procedure the massage is performed in a tub filled with warm water, using a water jet. It’s recommended in case of locomotor diseases and treatments after accidents or surgery, in order to improve muscle strength and blood circulation.
      HUF 5 200


      Individual physiotherapy 30’
      Individual physiotherapy 50’

      Physiotherapy is a special motion therapy that uses exercises to restore the function of the sick organ or body part, always considering the entire body. The objective is to restore or improve the motion and other functions – blood circulation, respiration, working of the nervous system. It can be considered a specific treatment because it cannot be replaced with other therapies.
      HUF 6 800
      HUF 10 500
      Underwater physiotherapy 30’
      The water as a medium has the advantage that it enables free movements in all directions of space. Motion in water affects various parts of the motor system, the circulatory and respiratory system, but also the nervous system. It can be used in all areas of rehabilitation and for all ages, for various therapeutic goals. The objective is to relieve the spinal cord and the lower limbs, decrease the load, increase the range of movements and the muscle strength, improve the coordination of movements and the balance.
      HUF 6 800

      Cure Package

      Mini Greenfield cure package
      1 medical examination • 3 cure treatments (e.g. medical massage (max. 1), physiotherapy, electrotherapy, baths)
      HUF 20 000
      Greenfield cure package
      1 medical examination • 6 cure treatments (e.g. medical massage, (max. 2), physiotherapy, electrotherapy, baths)
      HUF 30 800
      Big Greenfield cure package
      1 medical examination • 1 controll examination • 12 cure treatments (e.g. medical massage, (max. 4), physiotherapy, electrotherapy, baths, mud pack)
      HUF 58 000
      Premium Greenfield cure package
      1 medical examination • 1 controll examination • 18 cure treatments (e.g. medical massage, (max. 6), physiotherapy, electrotherapy, baths, mud pack)
      HUF 81 200


      Whirlpool bath
      It improves the skin’s blood circulation, it has an effect of relaxing the connective tissues in direct and reflexive ways, and additionally it relaxes the muscles and ensures well-being.
      HUF 4 900
      Hydro-massage tub bath
      In the effervescent bath nozzles ensure the programmed hydromassage of the body parts. The air bubbles created during the turbulent flow further enhance the massage effect.
      HUF 5 100
      Carbonic acid bath
      In the carbonic acid bath the veins on the surface dilate, the circulation in the muscles and connective tissue under the skin is enhanced. This leads to the decrease of arterial blood pressure and as a result of this the functioning of the heart improves, the minute volume increases.
      HUF 7 500


      Selective stimulation
      Applicable for the regeneration and the strengthening of weak or paralysed muscles, It’s a good rehabilitation method primarily in acute cases, after surgery, but it’s also applicable in chronic cases, e.g. to prevent muscular dystrophy.
      HUF 4 500
      Diadynamic stimulation treatment
      Electrical treatment using various waveforms that are adaptable to the characteristics of diseases of the locomotor system. Depending on the waveform the effects can be: decreasing oedemas, killing pain, reducing inflammation. All waveforms are applicable for iontophoresis. Usually it’s used in cases of bruises, strains, erosion of the articulations and of the spinal cord, cartilage diseases.
      HUF 4 500
      Medicine or necessary minerals can be delivered to the body through the skin, using galvanic treatment. Most frequently it is used for delivering anti-inflammatory drugs, occasionally it gives the possibility to deliver additional calcium to the location of fractures to help build the bones.
      HUF 4 700
      Electrical treatment with the effect of stimulating the muscles, relieving spasms, killing pain, and reducing inflammation. It can be applied primarily in the area next to the spinal cord, but in fact on any part of the body. Through improving the blood circulation it also improves the oxygenation of the tissues. Vacuum interference: complementing the current’s beneficial effect with a slight vacuum has a micro-massage effect and achieves an enhanced repose of the muscles.
      HUF 4 500
      TENS treatment
      The treatment has an effect of reducing inflammation, killing pain, and relaxing the muscles, primarily through nerve stimulation. It can be successfully applied both in acute and chronic cases.
      HUF 4 500
      ECG HUF 5 200
      Galvanic treatment
      It has an effect of reducing inflammation and killing pain, it improves the neural conduction that can have a role in case of disturbance in sensations; in case of narrow arteries the artery expansion effect can be used. It improves not only the blood circulation but also the ossification.
      HUF 4 900


      Mud pack 20’
      The radium effect of medicinal mud from Hévíz impacts the deep layers of the body, it has a radiation that kills pain, it facilitates and increases the metabolism, stimulates the functioning of glands, calms the nervous system, and influences the functioning of cells towards recovery. It has an effect of relaxing muscles, regenerating articulations, reducing and preventing inflammation; this is reinforced by the slow thermal dissipation of the heated mud.
      HUF 6 200
      Medicinal pack (ritex, alcoholic, antiphlogistic) 50’
      Circulation is enhanced in the deep tissues, this has a deep warming and muscle relaxing effect. It is used primarily in case of acute lumbago, but also for other muscular spasms (spastic strains).
      HUF 5 900
      Laser therapy
      During the treatment the low-power laser beam can achieve an effect of killing pain, relaxing the muscles, and reducing inflammation. It stimulates the recovery processes and increases the protective ability of the immune system. The equipment transforms electric energy into mechanical energy with the use of a crystal.
      HUF 5 900
      Ultrasound therapy
      Ultrasound waves compress and relax the connective tissue,this motion generates heat and the veins dilate, the circulation improves. During the treatment the mechanical effects cause a so-called micro-massage effect on the body.
      HUF 5 900

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