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Experience the beneficial effects of our sauna world!

      • Infra Rays generate heat that opens up to the pores of the skin and loosens dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and relaxes the body and soul. It is ideal to combine an infra sauna session with any kind of cellulite treatment and it also strengthens the immune system. Temperature: 45 - 50°C

      • Tepidarium is similar to steam baths but it spares blood circulation. Beds are made of stone and tile that give off heat, which makes people feel very comfortable. Additives and oils made of herbs improve the inciting effect. Main advantage of a Tepidarium is that people can spend more time in there than in a classic sauna. Temperature 35 - 40°C, humidity: medium.

      • Frigidarium is a cold room, where guests’ body can easily cool down after using the sauna. People can even strew ice sleets on their body to make the cooling process more intensive. Frigidarium stimulates blood circulation by cooling the body down quickly; as a result it improves the regeneration of the body. Temperature: 3 - 6°C

      • Sauna gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and refresh your body and soul. Visiting the sauna constantly acts favorably to the functions of heart and circulatory system; it also strengthens veins and the immune system. After using the sauna experts advise to drink tea and juices that contain vitamins to compensate the body for the liquids it has lost. Temperature: 80 - 90°C, humidity: 10%.

      • If you feel a classic sauna is too hot for you, you can relax in a steam bath. Due to its high humidity, sweating is garanteed. Warm air not only relaxes the body but it also frees endorphin. Temperature 40 - 50°C, humidity: 90 - 100%.

      • The main aim of a colorful light therapy is to ballast the poise of mind. We use the versatility of light to generate useful effects. It dissolves the stress of body, mind and soul. Give yourself up to the feelings evoked by the colors.

        Effects of colors to human body and soul:

        - Blue - calming and relaxing
        - Red - warm and inspiring
        - Yellow - awake and happy
        - Green - close to nature and carefree

      • The temperature of the herbarium is approx. 25 - 28°C. Entering the room dozens of herbs are waiting for the guests and their pleasant aroma helps them to relax. Special herbs and seeds improve the aroma effects which are in a crucible that is heated from below. Humidity: 20 - 30%.

      • The climate of the salt room and the salty sea air has a positive effect on the human body. The salt solution of the Salt Chamber contains only natural ingredients and makes people feel they breathe real seaside air. The solution has 80% of relative humidity and the salt bricks saturated by it dissolve the existence of pollutants resulting in fresh and clean air, rich in minerals. This air is good medicine for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, for example allergy. Using it every day for 30 - 40 minutes makes people have a better general state of health. Temperature: 25°C.

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