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Greenfield Dancing Stars menu

New Year's Eve menu

Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Extra Dry Magnum
Appetizer: Veal with tuna from Piemont
Sausage Siller 2016
Soup: You get "cold-warm" green apple-bean-parma ham
Warm appetizer: Tepid trout fillet with beetroot, cashew nuts and grapefruit
Pannonhalmi Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Main course: Vanison fillet with „Belbo” potato cream and with „Cervere” leek red vermouth sauce
Polgár Pincészet Villány Syrah 2013
Dessert: „Gold” chocolate and cherry
Fragollino; Bon-Bon
Midnight Buffet: Souse’s Soup; New Year's pork with champagne cabbage and onion potato; lentils; frankfurter

New Year's Eve children’s menu
Welcome drink: Child champagne
Soup: Green Apple soup with cottage cheese dumplings
Main course: Chicken breast in „Panko” crumb with mashed potatoes
Dessert: „Gold” chocolate and cherry

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