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Team building

The secret of a successful team is a well-organized team-building activities

A Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa with surrounded by a beautiful maintained 18-hole championship golf course and 100 hectares of parkland is an excellent place to conduct team building programs. Whether golf tasting, health day, recreational programs or culinary event, our hotel is an ideal venue for your events!

    • Up to 100 people are waiting simultaneously with in several rooms and logical, skill bases games.

      Like in escape games the point is for each team in each room to solve the puzzles in 60 minutes. However, the teams have to add up their results to fulfil the ultimate mission. In this way a real teambuilding is realized both at team and at company level. The purpose of the game is that every team should meet with success and all the teams together should accomplish the final task.

      The game is entirely mobile; we can export it to anywhere in Hungary if the appropriate number of rooms is available. The game is designed ideally for teams of 6-10.

    • „RELAX” (60 min.)
      Golf course tour with electric cars in 20 minutes. Demonstration and practise with our professional golf teachers in 40 minutes.

      „BREAK” (120 min.)
      Golf course tour with electric cars in 30 minutes. Demonstration and practise with our professional golf teachers in 50 minutes (long shots). Teaching technique in 40 minutes (short game, putting).

      „SUPER” (180 min.)
      Welcome drink in the renewed Club house. Golf course tour with electric cars. Demonstration with our professional golf teachers. Practising long shots. Practising short game and putting. “Mini” golf competition. Appraise the results of the competition, price giving ceremony. Certificate for every participants.

    • Spend some time in the health consciousness with your colleagues!

      Come to know yourself!

      Complex body composition weigh with result sheet: painlessly, hygienically, without the clothing collection, and it is 2 minutes. Instant data, fittness indexes, personalized evaluation

      Pulsediagnostic, checking of the pulse: It offers insight into the procession of our body during the activity. It is in groups, with using of projector

      Let’s move together!

      Exclusive sportfacilities for the participants of the program by land and in the pool alike. Just some possibilities: meditation, 5 tibetan yoga, Chi Kung, circuit training, water gymnastics, waterpolo, back bone gymnastic, posture training, Streching

      Let’s create together the whole harmrony of the body and the soul!

      You can veer out the tired muscles in our benefical health water pools of the hotel, or on occasion of a sauna show. On our wellness department can complete the experience of the renewal and charging with some traditional and exotical massages.

    • The spectacular climbing and adventure trail having a crystal structure of three layers, composed using the latest technology is unique in Hungary, and all generations gain something from it. The Crystal Tower offers an adventure for 120 persons simultaneously. The trail having a length of more than one kilometre, the giant swing, and the Flying Fox slide of nearly 200 metres is specifically suitable for multi-day entertainment with family or friends. When organising team building events for companies or skill developing adventure trainings for managers, spectacular and positive results can be achieved by adding low and high rope garden elements.

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